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Great Wall On Air

Great Wall On Air is the brand-new Great Wall theme live stream promotion project presented by BOOM. The aim is to publicize the essence of the Chinese excellent traditional culture, to spread the Great Wall world heritage values and to reach out the spirit of the Great Wall, through inviting the global outstanding artists to perform respectively on the different passes of the Great. We hope with the live stream platform combing with the excellent audio and visual experience, the young Chinese people and foreigners can really feel the Great Wall to a more profound understanding and resonance all over the world.


"Timeless music lets us recapture our hearts and liberate cherished memories.It brings all of us together,happily,for a common purpose. I hope the events hold by BOOM can not only provide you more than a special experience but also parties you can enjoy with your friends during the happy weekend."

steve peng

Founder of BOOM & Great Wall On Air