Ben Klock

Creating a journey, one track at a time…

For the best part of a decade now, Berghain resident Ben Klock has featured within Resident Advisor’s top 10 DJs. Having become a resident in 2005, he has since established himself at the head of Berlin’s modern techno community, an ever-present symbol of the city’s vast musical landscape.
Over recent years his focus has been mainly touring, but his early focus leant more toward his own musical production. Most of his records were released via Ostgut Ton, and have since become landmarks in the labels short history. 2009’s Dawning, the first of many collaborations with Marcel Dettmann, kick-started the label itself, and still stands out as one of the stand-out tracks on the labels back catalogue.His skills as a remixer have also seen him rework tracks by some of the world’s most esteemed electronic artists, including Depeche Mode, Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin and Kerri Chandler.
Not just a leading artist on Ostgut Ton, Klock runs his own label – Klockworks. The Berlin-based label was inaugurated in 2006 and is a home to some of Klock’s more raw, minimal productions. The focus, however, has shifted over recent years, with the label becoming a medium for him to showcase his diverse taste. Artists such as Trevino and DVS1 have both released on the imprint, contributing towards the growth which has seen showcases hosted in London, New York, Barcelona, Detroit and of course, Berlin.
Ben posses incredible talent, being able to make a diverse track run on a seamless journey, creating the room rather than just playing to it. Dense, powerful and intense, Klock’s DJ output reflects a particular mood, a kind of fervour, capturing artistry and raw motion that can often appear empty from many current performers. Much of his early career saw Klock performing marathon sets, a signature that has played a significant role in the progression of his skills and international reputation.